Saturday, 7 February 2009


..... Cinderella Malt from the Island of Mull.
............ so what's the story Tobermory, nice Town, shame about the whisky !!!!
As a 10 y.o. it is the last choice one would make from the supermarket shelf, .. not good, ...and yet, old versions are excellent, being full of character.
So the solution may lay in leaving this whisky till it's 14 y.o..
A fancy 15 y.o. was 'released' in 2008 in a pretty box, and retailers pimped it like mad.
£53, ............. er, ..... noooo, I don't think so
This Malt needs direction, so perhaps the distillers should concentrate on the peated version called LEDAIG, and distil Tobermory elsewhere.
Grainy, vague, barley cereal, mustard and resin.
Tobermory 10 y.o. 65/100

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