Saturday, 7 February 2009


.... the legend that is Campbeltown's Malt.
Due to some provenience, and a lot of retained traditional crafting, Sprinbank shines the path for Malt Terroire. And the quality achieved makes this whisky range almost worth the extra cost. (Other distillers take note.) The wash still is a classic in itself, being direct-fired and possessing a bell-chiming rummager, .......... hooray!
This iconic distillery produces it's own double distilled SPRINGBANK, the triple distilled HAZELBURN, and the double plus distilled peated LONGROW.
A second distillery has been opened in conjunction with this one called Glengyle, producing a double malt called KILKERRAN. .. phew! .... busy place.
fruity, bourbony, grappa, toffee, brine, coconut and a good dollop of peat in the peaty one.
Recent bottlings are variable, so ask around.
Springbank 10 y.o. 87/100

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