Thursday, 9 April 2009

NEW .... AILSA BAY (Girvan) 75/100

....... essentially a Malt Distillery built in 2007 within the Girvan Grain Distillery Operation which is part of the William Grant & Sons Group.
Rather like Kininvie, this malt will be for blend-fill with little current evidence that it will see the light of day as a single malt.
Named after Ailsa Craig, a big volcanic plug in the Irish Sea.
......... and sort of an invisible Distillery, unlike Ailsa Craig.
..... Lovely !

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

NEW! .... DAFTMILL 85/100

... deep in the rural 'Bow of Fife' near Cupar lays a charming Farm/Distillery recently started up in 2003 and using own-farmed malted barley to create a low volume crafted single malt which should see the shops in 2013.
Excellent, ... whilst similar in scale to Kilchoman on Islay, this Distillery remains closed to the public at the moment, and it's Lowland style whisky, ... a mystery!
(Well I don't know anyone who's tried it yet, do you?)